Sunday, July 20, 2008

July Update and Nationals

First of all I want to thank BCC for all the work with the organization and the funds you have collected to help us prepare for nationals. I also want to thank my sponsor, Steve Bent, for all his support. I also want to give special thanks to Ricky Knight and his Mother for loading and hauling the trailer to all the events. Also, thanks to Grannidie for getting the house in Vermont and letting us use her trailer and vehicle.

The camp in Brevard, College was a great learning and training experience. The 30 hour week was fun and at some points challenging. I placed in the top 8.

The New York Nationals were a wake up call concerning the nations best. I placed 10th in the cross country race out of 16. It was ridiculously fast with long steep climbs intermingled with tight single track. I felt really sore and slow. I just couldn't reel in the two opponents in front of me. I hung in there and finished it out. The short track race was even faster but I felt a little better but still didn't do as well as I wanted, placing 13th out of 18. The course was awesome and I liked it as my first short track race.

Vermont Nationals
Let's just start off by saying that I never ridden such a hellish of a course as Vermont. The course was fun If you weren't racing it but during the race within my four brutal laps I have never been in so much of a controlled state of pain. I can't really tell you If I felt good because I was in a constant state of agony. I placed 15th out of 32. It was as hot as Florida but the factor of near stationary climbing threw a curve ball into my minor understanding of "mountain" biking. However I could take the heat unlike 6 or more that were DNF's. I guess 15th in the nation for 15-18age group is not so bad.

Props to my teammate Jamie Knight for 2nd at both sport duel slalom and downhill. Also props to my other teammate Adam for winning his cross country division as a beginner. Also, props to Steve Bent for second in his expert cross country division.