Monday, April 27, 2009

Red Trail Racing Urban MTB Crit

I had a great race at the Lakeland Downtown Urban race held by Red Trail Racing.
The pace started up pretty quickly on the first lap as I led out for a consecutive 4 laps with a group of six riders. My chain came off going down the stairs on lap five resulting in a solo crash on my part opening up a manageable 20 second gap. I was able to regain contact with the group before the end of lap and recover. No harm done, just a little road rash and a broken shoe.

Things began to settle in with everyone trading pulls until Regan Woodall stretched out the field with some hard pulls. I seemed to really excelled going down the garage in the turns were I could put a gap on the group. On the last lap the pace dramatically jumped going up five story garage. This is where I attacked along with an AJ's rider just before the turn around to go back down. The AJ’s rider was slowing down in between the turns so made my move and cornered hard during the garage decent. I came out of the garage with a 2 sec gap. I hammered as hard as I could go and never even glanced back. I ended up winning by a wheel into the S turn before the finish line.

It was one of my favorite victories with many friends and acquaintances watching and supporting the racers. I ended up with the fastest lap time trophie with the time of 5:04.
Thanks to my coach Drew Edsal with Endurance Factor with supplying me with a great training routine and the motivation to ride.