Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brent's Race Scheule

Southeastern Regional Championship (SERC)
Serc #4 Ducktown, TN 5/4
Serc #6 Clemson, SC 6/15
Serc #9 Fontana, NC 7/27

8 hours of Labor San Felasco, FL AUG 31

Fall State Championship #1-9/13 #2-9/27 #3-10/12 #4-10/26 #5-11/12 #6-11/16 #7-11/30 #8-12/14

I'd like to thank Bill Braken for the Siemens Cannondale kit he gave me and the heart rate monitor strap that Zack Duncan gave me. I still haven't got the heart rate monitor going yet but it will be soon. There are more races but I'm just not quite sure which ones I can attend.

An update by Kurt: Brent got that heart rate monitor working for this past Tuesday's local road ride/crit. First time he had seen his heart rate numbers in action. Cool stuff. Thanks for the donations guys.