Monday, June 9, 2008

Bump and Grind Update

Sunday Jun 1 - Race at Bump and Grind, In the Junior 18 and under race there were only three people in my class. Just me, Jamie, and one other. Jamie and I began to battle it out at the middle of the race during the long jeep road section. He caught me on the down hill making a clean pass. Jamie opened a gap and I did not caught him till three miles to go on the first lap. I attacked, passed him again but he hung on and we crossed the first lap finish line at the same time. Starting the second lap I crashed entering the woods while attempting to put my gel bottle back in my jersey pocket. He attacked and four other riders from a different wave moved in front of me. I picked them off one by one while riding as hard as I could in order to catch Jamie. I caught him on the jeep road about an hour later and he stayed on my wheel until the down hill in which my chain came off balling up behind the derailleur. It took me a minute or so to get it untangled unto which I pressed on to try to catch Jamie again. I caught him with a mile left to go and I was not able to pass him in the woods. It was a sprint to the finish in which I never could get around him. I felt that if the sprint road was longer I might have been able to beat him. It was an awesome race and I give him props for a great and smart race.